Business counsellor, Keynote Speaker & Best-selling Author

Peter Baumgartner vivifies the speaker scene as an emerging leadership, communication and digitalisation expert.
His emotive presentation style mesmerizes the audiences and his award-winning books complement his lectures.

After having studied in Austria, Germany, and the UK,
Baumgartner now works as a consultant for well-known international organisations. He provides vivid examples and sustainable content: if you demand and require
performance today, you have to be able to provide meaning. What you exemplify as a leader rubs off on your people.

Peter Baumgartner's motto is: Encouragement and motivation, leadership and innovation are the core elements of successful leadership. What matters today is how people trigger passionate enthusiasm. With exemplary behaviour.

As a charismatic keynote speaker, Peter Baumgartner succeeds to fascinate and motivate his audiences. His lectures are about optimism and encouragement, digitalisation and transformation.