CEO and Founder of „Symptoma GmbH“


Dr. Jama Nateqi is a medical doctor & co-founder of Symptoma, a search engine for diseases. He did research at Yale University. With Symptoma, he has been successfully campaigning for better diagnoses since 2009.

Every seventh diagnosis worldwide is made incorrectly or too late. Even the best doctors are overwhelmed by the 20,000 currently known diseases - it is impossible to know them all.  This is where Nateqi and his partner Thomas Lutz and their company come in; they want to solve this cost-intensive health problem. Nateqi, an Austrian by choice born in Germany with Afghan roots, founded his company in 2009 together with nanostructure technician Lutz. However, her innovative idea initially met with skepticism among doctors from her own environment, which did not stop the two of them from continuing to work on their idea. The algorithms were developed over several years and artificial intelligence elements were integrated into the database.